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Surveys / 2016 Best of San Diego
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Here are the rules

San Diego CityBeat loves local:  The 2016 Best of San Diego is a readers' choice poll. Tell us about the best local places, people and activities in San Diego County. We want to celebrate our home-grown, local, independent businesses—not national chains.

Nominate your San Diego favorite: Nominating runs from August 10 thru September 6 at Noon.

Final 5 voting:  Final 5 voting runs from September 8 at Noon until September 26.  

Winners announcement: The 2016 Best of San Diego winners will be announced in San Diego CityBeat and on on Wednesday, October 19.

How it works

Nominate your San Diego favorites now thru September 6.

How to vote:  2016 Best of San Diego voting is an open ballot, so every vote is a write in. Please complete as many categories as you feel comfortable completing.

One vote per person: You must vote in at least 10 categories.  Only one vote is allowed per email address, and all addresses will be verified. Email addresses that vote more than one time will not be counted as valid votes.

You can leave the ballot and return to complete it later, but once you've hit the 'Finalize my Ballot' button you're done.